A Guidebook on Climate Scenarios - Using Climate Information to Guide Adaptation Research and Decisions

This guidebook is meant to provide increased capacity to understand climate information; better evaluate climate information needs; and become more critical of provided information.

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Creator Carron, I.
Summary The guide is divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 provides fact sheets of key concepts in future climate modeling. This section helps users become more familiar with climate science jargon, which is often necessary to better understand climate information; Chapter 2 outlines a framework to categorize climate information in terms of its purpose and complexity into three categories: basic, intermediate, and detailed. This section uses a decision-tree approach to helps users better formulate their climate information needs; Chapter 3 provides a catalogue of climate information formats that can be associated to one of the three categories identified in the previous chapter. This section describes different ways in which climate information may be provided to different users based on their level of expertise and preference; Chapter 4 discusses best practices in using future climate information given its inherent uncertainty; Chapter 5 highlights some case studies of how climate information can be used to guide decisions in climate change adaptation.
Local Relevance This is an important guidebook to support practicitioners of climate change adaptation. While this resource does not have a focus on northern climates, northern climates such as the NWT are undergoing a faster rate of climate change than the global average, and therefore are at the front lines of climate change adaptation.
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Geographic Region NWT
Release Date 2016-05-01
Last Modified Date 2016-05-01
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